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Home reviews About Tanya Blog Laura Jessop
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Contact Tanya

Contact Tanya

Contact Tanya

As a teenager Tanya Carlysle began to devour books starting with the many paperbacks on her father’s bookshelves.  He loved mysteries, and Tanya soon discovered she had inherited that same love.

Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and Raymond Chandler were early favourites, soon to be joined by Elizabeth George, Sue Grafton, James Patterson and Ian Rankin.

However it was when she bought her first Kindle and discovered Donovan Creed, the fictional character created by John Locke, that she started to realise she too could become an author and self-publish on Amazon.

Her Laura Jessop books feature a female amateur sleuth who soon discovers she has a talent for solving mysteries and who manages to complement the work of the local police force in the guise of Detective Inspector Jenkins.

Tanya Carlysle has three books published on Amazon, with a fourth due for publication in late 2013.  If you enjoy her books she would love to hear from you.

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