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Home reviews About Tanya Blog Laura Jessop
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Contact Tanya

Who is Tanya Carlysle?  

She’s a retired ‘woman of a certain age’ from northern England, and Tanya Carlysle is not her real name.

Well, that’s really helpful!  

Isn’t it funny how things rarely turn out quite the way you expect?  Tanya had her future mapped out. Early retirement from a stressful and demanding job would allow her and her husband the time and opportunity to travel, to enjoy life to the full. Financially secure, with no mortgage, no ties, nothing could spoil the next stage of her life.

Until her husband cheated on her and dumped her!  The idea of spending all his time with her obviously was not an attractive thought.  He wanted a newer model!  

But far from turning her into a bitter old woman, it spurred Tanya on to do things she had only ever dreamed of.  She used her final years of paid employment to secure her future.  Now happily re-married Tanya has a full and rewarding life, and the next stage is just beginning.  She is only now starting to realise her full potential.

For those born in the post-war years, life has been interesting to say the least.  And for women that is particularly true. Although there is some way to go, the status of women in England has improved beyond measure during Tanya’s lifetime. But not only do women have more independence and more security they also have far longer in which to enjoy it.

When Tanya was a young girl, reaching the age of sixty meant a fairly rapid decline into old age.  Life expectancy for women was about 72 years.  Retirement years were precious partly because they were so short.

Now life expectancy for women has increased to over 80 years, and retirement years are precious because of how much can be achieved.  

Tanya Carlysle is a case in point. Since her retirement she’s taught herself web design, trained as a proofreader and started writing. One of her books His Midlife- Your Crisis written under her other pen name of Ali Marston has achieved world wide sales.  And now, she has turned her attention to fiction.  

Excited about the rapidly developing technology associated with e-readers,  Tanya has published her first two crime novels through Amazon Kindle, and is busily writing her third due in 2013.   

Under Mary’s Oak is the first in the Laura Jessop series.  When a body is found in the school grounds Laura Jessop, Headmistress, turns detective and together with DI Dave Jenkins solves the murder.

The second in the series, You Know What They Say About Lightning, was published in late 2012.  Laura Jessop and Dave Jenkins are thrown together again to solve a new mystery, but this time the crime was committed twenty years ago.

In the third book, Two Late, a teenage party turns to tragedy, and Laura’s pupils are involved.