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Home reviews About Tanya Blog Laura Jessop
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“Under Mary's Oak is the first e-novel from the author Tanya Carlysle. She describes herself as a retired `woman of a certain age'- to me, she is clearly in her "golden years", showing that women of a "certain age" can remain witty, experienced, and with plenty to give to the world.”

“If like your reads to have a good flow to them, and a strong sense of characterization, then I cannot recommend Carlysle's Under Mary's Oak enough. Here's to an author that sets herself apart from the rest with her excellent writing style and cognitive storyline.”

“It truly is authors like Carlysle that keep up the interest in reading, with their clever writing style and a superb sense of story. A true diamond in the rock, especially because it's going to be a series!”

“Once I started reading this book I found it hard to put down again as it kept me hooked all the way through. A great read...can't wait to read the next one!”

“The story really comes to life and invites the reader to join in and become a part of the search for the who and why of the mystery.”

“This is a definite page turner, a superbly planned story of intrigue. I really look forward to the next book.”

“From what I have read so far, Tanya Carlysle writes extremely interesting crime novelss with excellent characterization - both of which I find particularly strong points in any novel. I loved the "unveiling" of the plot -which left me in total total surprise and completely astounded as it was certainly not something that I had seen coming! A definite recommend.”

Under Mary’s Oak

“Even better than the first novel by this author. The characters really develop, especially Laura and the inspector. I love the way that the official investigation and Laura's sleuthing is mixed together and neither work out 'who done it' without help from the other. The school setting is great and made believable by mentions of day to day school activity.
Can't wait for the next book.”

“An extremely enjoyable book! The plot keeps you guessing to the end. The characters are very believable and have been well developed, especially those that appear in “Under Mary’s Oak”.
Laura Jessop is a likeable, down to earth person, whom I am sure made a very good Head Mistress.
I am looking forward to reading the third book in this series.”

“Tanya Carlysle’s second novel in a series is even more entertaining than the first.As in her first novel "Under Mary's Oak", she places the reader right in the middle of the plot as the intrigue continues and the story unfolds further.
Tension builds as further shocking revelations come to light. Laura and Detective Inspector Dave Jenkins plan to work together to find answers as quickly as possible and resolve to leave no stone unturned in an attempt to solve the mystery.In the meantime, Laura is extremely mindful of the potential loss of the reputation of the school and is desperate not to see any stains or tarnish, especially when it is so undeserved.”

“This second book was not a disappointment. As with the first one I didn't guess "whodunnit" ! Tanya Carlysle manages to concentrate well on the main story line whilst developing the lines of the characters. Quite a treat to see DI Jenkins’ human side showing through. If you decide to venture into these books read Under Mary's Oak first as the characters develop from there.”
Again I eagerly await the next outing of these characters!!

You Know What They Say About Lightning